黑犬, 合起來便是一個默字,
    我們以台灣土狗作為精神象徵,狗的嗅覺靈敏, 代表我們對市場洞悉先機, 入市致勝,而台灣土狗是一種有組織性, 領悟力強, 又勇敢善獵, 面對大型獵物亦不畏懼的犬種,代表我們將會提供規劃好的策略, 精準分析利弊, 對於定下的目標竭盡所能地去達成。
    我們享受在整個設計過程中與業主的互動與互信, 而不是只提供單向服務。除了以審美的角度, 我們也會以我們的設計概念為業主帶來優勢和正面的作用。
    我們注重每一個小細節, 意味著每一個項目都有自己的過程和故事。我們歡迎業主的意見和參與, 因為每一個品牌都是特殊的, 應該有他自己的獨特設計。我們很樂意接受每一個充滿潛力的合作機會。

    Ink-dog.In chinese characters they are look like "黑"&"犬". and if you put they together it would become another chinese character"默" is also meaning "Silent". 
    "默" have an ancient meaning, the dog which hidden in the dark and suddenly sprang to chase people.  
    We use this to named our design studio because we want our team always "Ready to go!!".And also show our determination to be the leader in this business.
    We use Formosan Mountain Dog as our symbol of spirit. 
    Dogs have sensitive smell. It could present we have foresight in this business and  we always can get the chance. 
    Formosan Mountain Dogs are one kind of hound,which are organized,intelligent,brave,and no fear. 
    It also represent we would provide good strategy,precise analysis ,and do our best to reach the goal. 
    We are not only provide interactive services but also enjoyed the entire design process because we eatablish mutually beneficial relationship with clients. 
    We emphasize every single detail because every project have each own stories and Procedure. 
    We welcome our clients opinion and appreciate their participation, because every brand is unique. and it should have its own unique design. 
    We are glad to get any chance for cooperation. 
    In design business, it could happen any type of situation to you between colleagues, clients ,and employer. It also make you want to say:W.T.F!  
    We use a main role to represent the employer in this business although he be called chairman, but in fact he only have few employees.  
    And he need to become a buffer between clients and designers,try his best to keep whole project could accomplished in fluency way.  
    "Workplace" in chinese pronunciation sound like "Rectum",and it also reflect the reality life because we need accept shit from everywhere.  
    The leading role is an employer in design company. Even be called "chairman" but he still need to do same works like other employes.  
    Maybe he looks like free and easy, but actually he is under heavy pressure.  
    Because there always have some problems he never predictable. And those problems are not only coming from clients,competitors,and employees but also coming form different business. 
    The goal of success it seems just in his front.  
    But the first thing he need to do is solve those ridiculous problems in this crazy world.